Photo: Milwaukee Bucks/X

Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers was disappointed by not being fully healthy during the 2024 playoffs, but still feels very confident about what the group can accomplish next season.

(via Milwaukee Bucks):

“When you put yourself in the category that you want to win a championship, then there’s either a happy landing or there’s a plane crash, there’s no in between. Obviously with the injuries, there’s nothing you can do about that. We were not going to win with our injuries, but that still doesn’t mean you’re not just as disappointed, because you are. You don’t have a lot of opportunities to win titles, you just don’t. There’s players and coaches who go through their whole career, and never have an opportunity. This one, because of injury, was taken away from us more than we lost it. Next year we hope to be healthy and we can go after it, but it’s still disappointing.”