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The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a historic defeat against the Philadelphia 76ers (138-94) on Monday night, marking the worst loss in LeBron James’ illustrious career dating back to 2003.

It was also the worst loss to the Purple and Gold against the Sixers in 290 games in the series.

In the aftermath of the game, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham reflected on the importance of every minute on the court, even in the face of a decisive loss.

Ham emphasized, “When you’re an NBA player man, there is no such thing in my opinion as garbage minutes. There’s no such thing as garbage minutes.”

He continued, highlighting the significance of players showcasing their dedication and competitive spirit, especially in moments when the outcome is clear.

The Lakers’ bench players, given an opportunity in the fourth quarter, were urged to prove their worth on the court.

According to Ham, “It might be times where the game’s been decided, and you’re not going to be able to overcome a deficit, but you can’t go out there and with every possession show and prove that you belong.

“It can’t be ‘Well it’s over, so I’mma pack it in.’ No. You have to go out, especially when you’re a young player, rookie, second-year player, third-year player, anybody for that matter, it’s not a rite of passage to get to play in this league. Your appreciation for the opportunity has to start with your energy and your effort, and your competitiveness.”