The Philadelphia 76ers (12-5) handed the Los Angeles Lakers (10-8) a resounding defeat, trouncing them 138-94 as Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey combined for a staggering 61 points.

LeBron James faced one of the most significant losses of his tenure, with the 44-point deficit marking the worst in his illustrious career dating back to 2003. Despite past defeats, this blowout against the 76ers set a new low for James.

Embiid sealed a triple-double in the third quarter, contributing 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists, showcasing his dominance on the court. This marked Embiid’s first triple-double of the season and his seventh career game with 10-plus assists.

The Lakers endured several miserable milestones, including their worst loss to the 76ers in the 290 games played in the series.

Even when Embiid sat out the entire fourth quarter, the 76ers continued to outscore the Lakers, adding insult to injury with a 40-14 run.

Maxey played a crucial role, scoring 31 points for the 76ers, adding firepower to the team’s impressive offensive display.

Anthony Davis, with 17 points and 11 rebounds, tried to anchor the Lakers, but it was not enough to counter the 76ers’ onslaught.

The Sixers dominated from beyond the arc, hitting 22 3-pointers compared to the Lakers’ seven. The Lakers struggled to connect from deep, missing 7 of 10 attempts in the first half.

Marcus Morris Sr. and Patrick Beverley also played crucial roles in Philadelphia’s 3-point barrage, each making four shots from beyond the arc.

James was the top scorer for the Lakers with 18 points. He also dished out five assists.