Following the Warriors’ exhilarating 102-101 victory over the Kings, Draymond Green highlighted the significant shift in the team’s dynamics, emphasizing the improved chemistry compared to the previous season.

Reflecting on the past challenges, Green acknowledged (h/t Kendra Andrews of ESPN), “Last year we had an awful team as far as chemistry goes. It was hard to come to work. Not fun. So this year you see the joy on guys’ faces when they come into the building.”

The positive atmosphere within the Warriors’ camp signifies a renewed sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm, with players arriving early and engaging in extended conversations, fostering a more cohesive and uplifting environment.

While the team faced tumultuous moments last season, exemplified by the incident where Green punched Jordan Poole during a preseason scrimmage, the Warriors’ proactive measures to reshape their roster have contributed to a more harmonious and productive team dynamic.