Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers veteran forward LeBron James has managed to sustain a high level of performance throughout his 20-year NBA career, now entering his 21st season.

Despite having faced numerous nagging injuries since joining the Lakers in 2018, it’s truly remarkable that, given his physically demanding and aggressive playing style, he has managed to maintain exceptional health over his career.

James’ offseason training regimen is truly exceptional, with him investing $1 million each summer to enhance his physical condition. This investment in his body is a likely factor contributing to his remarkable longevity in the sport.

Recently, the Houston Rockets rookie forward Cam Whitmore acknowledged the greatness of LeBron and credited him as the primary source of inspiration in his own basketball journey.

“Biggest inspiration is probably, I’ll say LeBron,” Whitmore said. “Just how he’s just being himself on and off the court, I mean from the beginning. How you know had all that hype, didn’t really care about it and just kept, you know the main focus, the main goal.

“Up to now, just still having all the hype, still remaining humble, taking care of his stuff off the floor and still bouncing back at the end of the day and still playing as a 38-year-old man. Still running up with the young guys, so it’s just surreal to see, somebody that you just have to notice and look up to.”