Photo: Peter Baba

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce has declared that stars such as Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Kawhi Leonard are unlikely to win another championship.

During a recent episode of Ticket & The Truth, Pierce emphasized that the era of these aging stars dominating the league is coming to an end.

Pierce believes that despite their immense talent and past success, none of these players are currently positioned to secure another NBA title.

“It’s time for the new Avengers, bro… Curry, Durant, Bron, Kawhi… Their time is up… as much as I love to watch them, none of them ain’t got the gas. I don’t think none of them is positioned to win another championship unless something major happens,” Pierce said

The statement comes as a bold prediction, considering the impressive resumes of Curry, Durant, James, and Leonard.

Among the four mentioned stars, James is the most recent to have won a championship, securing his fourth title four years ago.

However, this season saw none of these players advance past the first round of the playoffs, signaling a potential shift in the league’s landscape.