Things got heated during the game between the Warriors and Pelicans. Draymond Green was involved in a scuffle with Brandon Ingram and other New Orleans players.

Steph Curry showed support to Green which the latter appreciated after the game. “If there’s one guy I know always gonna ride with me, it’s Steph,” the Golden State forward said.

“I’ve never been in a situation like that before where he has not rode for me. Same goes with Klay. And there’s other guys on this team – Loon [Kevon Looney] – they’re going to ride with me in those situations.

“That gives you the ultimate comfort to be exactly who you are knowing that guys want to ride Donte [DiVincenzo] rode, Jordan [Poole] rode, JK [Jonathan Kuminga] rode, everybody who checked in the game rode. I thought it was huge.

“And Steph and that does something for the morale because if he’s not in that, then everybody else may not join. But with him getting in that scrum, being and being in the fire with me, everyone else you just have to fall in line.”