Following the Golden State Warriors’ elimination from playoff contention by the Sacramento Kings, Draymond Green offered insights into teammate Klay Thompson’s upcoming free agency decision.

Green emphasized the Warriors’ desire to retain Thompson, highlighting their shared journey through triumphs and challenges over the years.

Despite acknowledging Thompson’s autonomy in the decision-making process, Green expressed confidence in the team’s commitment to its players’ well-being and the organization’s legacy.

“Obviously we want Klay back,” Green said. “We’ve been through a lot. Incredible highs, some sh*tty lows. But the common denominator to both of them is that we’ve gone through each and every scenario together. It’s obvious that we want to continue what we’ve been doing.

“But I understand he got a decision to make. He’s going to make the best decision for him. Team got a decision to make. They’ll make the best decision for the team. But I have no doubt that even even if, which I don’t think there’s any scenario where Klay leaves and that’s the best decision for this team and organization.

“But what I don’t doubt if Joe [Lacob] and Mike [Dunleavey] or anybody felt that it was best that this team moved forward without Klay, that wouldn’t be the decision they make because they believe that. They’ve shown nothing but respect, loyalty, love, trust to us. So I got no reason to go into it like ‘Oh, man, they’re not going to do right by Klay.’

“They did right by me, they’ve done right by Steph, they’ve done right by all of us. Klay tore his ACL they paid him a $160 million. So I have no reason to think that our ownership group aren’t going to take care of us the way we’ve taken care of this organization.

“Like I said, ultimately that decision will be Klay’s. But I don’t look at it like ‘Oh man, they’re going to only do what’s…’ There’s a lot of organizations that will only do what’s best for the organization. This ain’t one of them.”