In a surprising move last summer, the Golden State Warriors traded Jordan Poole for veteran point guard Chris Paul.

After the Sacramento Kings dealt a decisive blow to the Warriors, ending their playoff hopes with a 118-94 victory, Draymond Green shared his thoughts on Chris Paul’s future.

Expressing gratitude and admiration, Green emphasized the privilege of playing alongside Paul and the invaluable lessons learned from their partnership.

“Chris was great,” Green said during postgame press conference. “I’m thankful and honored, happy as hell that I got the opportunity to play with him this year, that we all got the opportunity to be teammates with Chris. It’s not something in a million years since I’ve said a million times that we ever would have imagined.

“Other than winning, couldn’t have gone any better. Learned so much from him, built a relationship that’ll go beyond whether he’s here next year or not, whether I’m here next year or not. Extremely thankful for C. I haven’t come across many if any guys like that in this league.

“So it’s just an honor to play with him as a teammate. I hope we get to continue doing what we do here in these uniforms. Man, I hope and pray that he’s back and that I’m back because it’s an honor having him as a teammate. The way he competes, you love going to war with guys like that.”

Paul averaged 9.2 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 6.8 assists in 26.4 minutes per game this season.