Photo: Memphis Grizzlies/Twitter

Amid the Ja Morant controversy, some suggested that the Grizzlies should add a veteran player such as Carmelo Anthony to the roster to mentor the young star.

Memphis forward Dillon Brooks does not think that either Melo or Dwight Howard who has been playing in Taiwan fit the bill to be a veteran on the team.

As an example of a veteran that could take on that role he mentioned 42-year-old Udonis Haslem, a player that has hardly seen any playing time and is on the roster mainly due to his locker room presence.

“Who do you want to sign?” Brooks asked rhetorically, per ClutchPoints. “You wanna sign Carmelo Anthony? You wanna sign Dwight Howard? Who do you want to sign? Those guys are trying get back into the league. They’re not trying to hone in on a guy and be a vet. A real vet is like Udonis Haslem.”