The Warriors will enter their sixth NBA Finals in eight years after winning the Western Conference title by defeating the Mavericks 4-1.

Klay Thompson admits that winning a championship this year would help the Golden State’s legacy because two of their last three championships were won with Kevin Durant on the roster.

“First off, I don’t think it’s us and KD. When Kevin was here, we were like an unstoppable force,” the 32-year-old superstar said. “And I think now we have to be more meticulous obviously with our offense and our defense because we don’t have as much leeway without him.

“We’re happy to be here, but it would help our legacy a lot if we completed the mission and won the whole thing. So, we can be happy tonight and we will be, I’ll celebrate tonight, but tomorrow when that Game 6 comes on, I’m turning the page and I’m scouting because we want to finish this thing off the right way and do it for Dub Nation.”