Photo: Russell Westbrook/Instagram

During his appearance on VladTV, rapper Boosie Badazz offered his thoughts on Kid Cudi and Russell Westbrook wearing dresses. While DJ Vlad wasn’t as shocked about Kid Cudi wearing a dress, he questioned why Westbrook would publicly wear a dress, considering his status as one of the NBA’s biggest stars. Boosie took it as another sign that fathers must “protect our kids.” The rapper said seeing Westbrook in female clothing made him feel like a worried dad despite being a fan of the basketball pro:

He claimed his initial reaction was feeling the need for him and other fathers to protect their sons. Boosie tried to wrap his head around why a male would wear women’s clothing but acknowledged that he was raised in a different era and environment. Despite having a different upbringing than Boosie, DJ Vlad also claimed that the men in his life did not dress like females: