Before you begin to read properly, I must warn you that this is not a basketball-related column, perhaps the only non-basketball themed piece this website will ever encounter. But I urge you to continue reading as I will be honest and truthful in saying that the last four-and-a-half days have been rather annoying on a professional scale.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I published our weekly Euroleague round up and geared up for the weekend ahead. We knew it would be rather quiet but we, as a team at TalkBasket were prepared for any breaking hoops news stories that might happen. Our weekend would be focused on the Eurobasket Women 2015 draw and any injury updates/news around the Euroleague. Then, at 7:16pm CET on Saturday afternoon, the admin side of our site crashed.

For people that work on the internet side of sports journalism, not being able to access your site is the worst of the worst. And this weekend, it happened to us. Most people were able to access the site, including us. But we were not able to publish fresh content.

But late on Wednesday evening, after disputes with our IT hosts, domain name problems, which we are still not sure as to why that was ever an issue, we have a brand new host server and the site is 100 percent back and operational. We sincerely apologise for being in the dark for nearly a week, believe me, I don’t want to go through that again.

Thankfully, we return just in time for week 8 of the Euroleague, so TalkBasket is back to its usual self from now. Thanks for being patient and once again: Sorry.

TB Team.