Aek resume their winninh\g streak and so do the two rivals. Panionios get the home win against Aris in a classic Greek derby while PAOK beat Panelefsiniakos at home. Read full round-up below:

P.A.O.K.- Panelefsiniakos 69-59

PAOK got the win after two consecutive defeats in a difficult week mostly due to Charalambidis injury. The home side controled the game after the tip-off, finding some open shots and ended the quarter in front 21-19. Panelefsiniakos lost some ground but soon recovered and even got ahead to close the half leading 31-37, product of their improved defense.

Carter and Vaughn started the 3rd period strong for PAOK who cut the gap quickly and got in front 50-44 having full control of the game. Panelefsiniakos was unable to return and PAOK improved his shooting, getting the win to help them recover and return stronger for the difficult games ahead. Vaughn had 19 for the winners while Markovic scored 15 for the visitors.

Panionios- Aris 71-65

Huge win for the “Red and Blue” and second in-a-row in a sold Panionios Arena. The game was intense right from the beginning with the home side gaining advantage after a 6-0 run. Aris managed to stay close but the first 10 minutes belonged to their opponents 17-11, who even improved their play style, controlled the rebounds and with Hancock taking care of the offense they got in the dressing room in front 37-31. Hancock scored 21 with 5/8 3-pointers.

Aris had to find a way to turn things around and their quick tempo after the restart of the match, got them in front for a while, but after Vezenkov’s crescendo it was time for Panionios’ dominance inside the paint to give them the lead again 59-47. In the closing quarter, Aris gave it all and when they tried to overtake, the home side hold them off to reach their second win and with an impressive appearance. Hancock ended the game with 24 p. and for Aris Vezenkov achieved a double-double (14p. 13 rebs)

A.O.Trikala- A.E.N.Kifissias 89-96

AENK got an important win on the road against Trikala in an entertaining and quick-paced game. Defense was the biggest problem for Trikala after the tip-off since they lost ground and let AENK take an early lead 21-28. The visitors managed to stay in control of the match, move the ball welland find easy shots from outside the paint. The half concluded with Trikala struggling and trailing 40-50.

AENK was concentrated in offense but their defense remained weak allowing Hodzic to score some easy points but a run before the end of the period extended the lead to 16 (56-72). Not many things changed until the end since the home side could not become a threat to coach Papatheodorou’s team and so the final result found AENK celebrating their 5th win this season. MVP was Mavroeidis with 17 while Tsaldaris followed with 16p. For Trikala Hodzic scored 20 but that was not enough.

A.E.K.- Kolossos Rhodes 96-73

AEK was consistent throughout the game attacking effectively and beat Kolossos who made a good first half. Good pace in the opening quarter with AEK firing from big range and opening their opponent’s defense. 23-21 was the score after 10’ with the visitors struggling to keep up. They tightened their defense and controlled the rebounds in the second period, balancing the match and managing to go to the locker room equalizing 41-41.

The start of the second half was numb for the “Rhodians” who lost their concentration, allowing AEK easy baskets and bringing the gap to 14 (71-57). From then on the visitors gave up the game letting AEK dominate in the end. English was the MVP with 28 points and Sakota followed(24).

A.G.O.Rethimno- Apollon Patras 88-81

Importrant win for AGOR at home against Apollon who still has no win on the road. The visitors started strong and controlled the game due to their good ball movement and got in front 21-23. The home side managed to overtake but their defense was their weak point allowing Apollon to end the half leading 41-43.

After the break AGOR focused more on personal attempts and was taking the lead at times but was unable to stay there, 68-71. The closing quarter expected to be dramatic and no one was disappointed since the teams were “holding hands” until the 38th minute were the home team got in front for 5 points. From then on they defended well to secure the win. Faye led AGOR with 20 while El Amin (27p.) and Skordilis (19p.) were the best for the guests.

K.A.O.Dramas- Olympiacos 64-82

One-way game since Olympiacos faced no difficulties against KAOD who seemed to be out of shape. The “Reds” appeared to serious right from the tip-off, control the pace and finding easy ways to score. 11-23 was the score after 10’ of basketball, but the visitors did not stop there. They extended the lead following the same way of play, almost putting an end to the game from the halftime 25-48.

The rest of the game was not very competitive since the ‘Dramians” did not show any signs of recovery until the end (45-62). In the closing quarter Sfairopoulos gave some time to his reserves to rest the starters ahead of the difficult season. Mantzaris had 19 for the winners while Slaftsakis scored 13p.

Koroivos Amaliadas- Panathinaikos 59-72

Koroivos stood well in the game but Panathinaikos got away with the win since they achieved to take control from early on and keep it until the end of the half (23-41).

Koroivos tried to react and reduced the gap to 9 (42-51) but the closing quarter belonged to Panthinaikos who was in total charge and secured the win. Blooms scored 16 for Panathinaikos and for Koroivos Garret scored 25 points.