Welcome to the new TalkBasket.net homepage! We have put in many hours of design, programming and testing, in order to make reading the site even more enjoyable experience. With our new design come a host of aesthetic and functional changes.

Heading the list is a top-down redesign of the entire website. A cleaner, fresher, more user-friendly interface awaits you. We enjoy sharing basketball stories with you and we are sure that you will love your time on the new site as well.

But it’s not all about the cosmetics. Our new design reduces download times for readers on all types of connection, while a range of social networking features will help you bookmark and share the stories that shape your basketball world.

TalkBasket starts with ‘talk’ and that’s what we emphasize in the new design. Now all stories have an icon showing how many comments the story has received, latest comments are displayed site-wide.

We invite you to talk about the stories that shape basketball world. Why not start right now by sharing your thoughts about the new design of TalkBasket.net? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Your voice will surely be heard!

Heading into new season we hope to offer you even more new features to enhance your experience.