This week the world of basketball has taken a back seat as players, coaches and legends have paid their respects and sent tributes to the great Nelson Mandela who passed away on December 5.


NBA Commissioner David Stern led the tributes as the basketball world said goodbye to former South Africa president Nelson Mandela.

Here are some of the tributes from players from both the NBA and Euroleague.

“Nelson Mandela was one of the most powerful and inspirational leaders in the world and a great friend of the NBA. He led his nation to democracy at incredible personal sacrifice, and in rebuilding it, he understood how to harness the power of sport to inspire and unite people of all backgrounds. Our thoughts and hopes are with the Mandela family and the people of South Africa, and while we mourn his passing, we know that his legacy and quest for equality will endure.” – David Stern.

“His words, his mind will live on forever. In his 95 years, he was able to do some unbelievable things, not just for South Africa but for the world. You hate to lose a pioneer and a great, but what they leave behind means more than anything, and I think what Nelson Mandela will leave behind is more than him himself. It’s going to going to live on forever like Martin Luther King and some of the other greats that have come and gone. It’s a sad day for his family, but I think for us to all be in this position to see what he meant for the world means everything.” – LeBron James.

It’s sad. You think about his life, he had a full life; he was able to transform not just South Africa but really the entire world. The thing that sticks out about him in my mind is that he goes to jail for 27 years and he comes out a better person and a better leader, he has compassion for his jailers and was able to really make a huge significant difference in South Africa so he’s an example that we all should all inspire to and try to live by.” Grant Hill on NBA TV.

“RIP- Nelson Mandela! He’s an icon, an inspiration and a true leader and will be greatly missed.” Olympiacos’ Acie Law IV via Twitter.

“RIP Nelson Mandela. He and I share a birthday and he has always been one of my heroes.” Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv’s David Blu.


The New York Knicks are now 5-14 in the Eastern Conference following their 114-73 hammering this evening to the Boston Celtics.

Ever since the Knicks introduced the new ‘orange’ jerseys, the Knicks have, of course worn them for the majority of their home games this season and out of the 14 losses; six of them have been while the Knicks have worn the bright orange alternate kit.How many times have they won in that orange vest? None. Zero. Zilch.

It’s a bad omen already for the struggling New York side so for the sake of the New York fans: DITCH THE ORANGE KIT, GUYS.


It’s not quite Space Jam, when a host of NBA players such as Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Larry Bird and, of course Michael Jordan starred in the basketball Looney Tunes classic but yes, LeBron is hitting a big screen.

The NBA and NBA Finals MVP is teaming up with comedian Kevin Hart who will join with his team of writers and try for a summer 2014 release.


“[Hart will] then star as a man who lives in the shadow of his NBA superstar brother (James), but gets a chance to prove himself when he and some pals attend a weekend fantasy basketball camp in Miami. Hart is certainly dominant in the stand-up arena, but posting up against this screen sibling could be dangerous. Hart is under 5’3″ while James is a towering 6’8.” That kind of sibling size differential hasn’t been seen since Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in another Universal comedy, Twins. They’ll sign a director when Hart and his cohorts turn in the script.”

With the news of a movie role for LeBron James, it almost certainly rules him out of next year’s FIBA World Cup in Spain. Most of the elite players tend to stay away from the FIBA World events and mainly take part almost exclusively at the Olympics.


No words. It might ruin it. Just watch.


I have had it on repeat all day. I might half of the 242,000+ hits so far.


Brose Baskets John Bryant has cut his hair. The long-haired look is gone.

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