Doc Rivers Joel Embiid
Photo: Yahoo Sports

Joel Embiid had his first practice under new Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers on Sunday.

Rivers was impressed by the physical condition of Embiid, who remained on the floor for more than two and a half hours.

“I don’t know Joel from the past because this is my first year coaching him, but we just went over almost two and a half hours and Joel took very few breaks. That’s a great sign, I mean, he stayed on the floor.

If you’ve ever been in my practices with players will tell you, we don’t break a lot. We go from action to action, action to action to action.

I want our players to feel that. How quickly, we go from one drill to another we don’t seem to talk a lot, and that’s new. I’m sure it is and so the fact that he didn’t feel the need to take a lot of breaks is a good sign for us,” Rivers said, via Sixers Wire.

Rivers wants Embiid to be at his very best this season in order to make the Sixers a top title contender in the NBA.