Mark Cuban
Photo: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cuban is confident the plan of the NBA for the restart of the season in Orlando will work perfectly, despite the spike of positive coronavirus cases in Florida.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks believes the isolated nature of the Orlando “bubble” will create a safe environment for players, coaches and staff.

“It’s not like a typical arena environment and everything’s exactly the same except the fans aren’t there. It’s the exact opposite. Everything is protected. This is ‘Hotel California’ — you check-in and you do not leave. It’s very specific to health and safety protocols.

Why would we go through all this to create a bubble and then just let all the employees that work at the arena or around the arena just come and go as they please? That would defeat the whole purpose.

Trust me, we’re not going to screw up the whole thing because somebody from room service just went out drinking the night before in Orlando and then went … and gave the virus to somebody.

We have gone so overboard in every direction that, honestly, it’s probably — given the ages of everybody — it’s probably safer to be in the bubble than it is to be at home in Dallas or any city,” Cuban said, via the Dallas Morning News.