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Luka Doncic becomes the second-youngest player to finish Top 5 in MVP voting

Luka Doncic had a remarkable year, as he was in the conversation for the MVP award at the start of the season.

Clippers, Mavs reportedly expected to be among candidates to sign Giannis Antetokounmpo if he...

The Clippers and the Mavs are expected to be among the candidates to sign Giannis Antetokounmpo if he leaves the Bucks in...
Dirk Nowitzki Luka Doncic

Jeff Van Gundy on the Mavericks: “It’s amazing how they traded and got star...

Jeff Van Gundy admitted he has been impressed by the ability of the Dallas Mavericks to land star players via the Draft,...
Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis on his injury woes: “I can’t be too frustrated over these type...

Kristaps Porzingis was labeled as the next in the line among versatile bigs that can become a superstar and even lead teams...
JJ Barea Dallas Mavericks

Mavs’ JJ Barea ‘frustrated’ with lack of playing time this season

JJ Barea was frustrated with the lack of playing time with the Dallas Mavericks this season. The guard of...
Kristaps Porzingis

Mavericks looking to add ‘physical tough guy’ for next season

The season is over for the Dallas Mavericks after falling down 97-111 to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 6. The team...

Marcus Morris reacts to his ejection, hard foul on Luka Doncic

Marcus Morris shared his thoughts on his ejection and the hard foul on Luka Doncic in Game 6 of the first-round playoff...
Luka Doncic Rick Carlisle

Mavs’ Rick Carlisle on Luka Doncic: “He’s one of the toughest players that I’ve...

Luka Doncic received high praise from the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle, for his performance in the playoffs.
Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic says he will work on his shooting in the offseason

Luka Doncic said he is planning to work on his shooting during the offseason. The superstar of the Dallas...

Luka Doncic becomes the first player ever to average 30/8/8 in his first playoff...

Luka Doncic is special and he showed it in the best basketball stage of the world, the NBA playoffs. Luka Doncic became...
Doc Rivers Clippers

Doc Rivers on Luka Doncic: “Just crazy respect for him as a player”

Doc Rivers had nothing but good words to say about the superstar of the Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic. The...
Kawhi Leonard Clippers Mavs

Kawhi Leonard sets historic record in Game 6 win vs the Mavs

Kawhi Leonard led the Los Angeles Clippers to the 111-97 victory over the Dallas Mavericks and set a historic record.
Kawhi Leonard, Luka Doncic

Kawhi Leonard on Luka Doncic: “He did a hell of a job”

The LA Clippers advanced to the next round of the NBA playoffs on Sunday, after their win vs. the Dallas Maverick in...
Dirk Nowitzki Luka Doncic

Dirk Nowitzki reacts to Mavs’ elimination from the playoffs

The Dallas Mavericks concluded their postseason appearance in the first round of the playoffs, as the Clippers advanced to the Conference semifinals...
Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard, Clippers advance to the Western Conference semifinals

Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers advanced to the Western Conference semifinals, thanks to their 111-97 win over the Dallas Mavericks.
Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis expresses optimism to make playoff return, if Mavericks beat Clippers

Kristaps Porzingis hopes to be able to return in the 2019-2020 playoffs if the Dallas Mavericks advance to the next round of...
Luka Doncic Rick Carlisle

Mavs players strongly considered leaving the “bubble” and ending the season

It seems the players of the Dallas Mavericks were among those that considered to leave the "bubble" and end the season.
Kristaps Porzingis

Mavs’ Kristaps Porzingis to likely miss Game 6 vs the Clippers

It seems that Kristaps Porzingis will not be ready for Game 6 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Novak Djokovic on Luka Doncic: “I support him from the bottom of my heart”

Tennis superstar, Novak Djokovic, praised the young Dallas Mavericks star, Luka Donci, in his recent interview with sportklub.rs. Among other things, Djokovic...
Paul George

Paul George makes NBA playoff history in Game 5 blowout win vs the Mavs

Paul George exploded against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the first-round playoff series and made NBA playoff history.
Tim Hardaway Jr. Mavericks

Mavs’ Tim Hardaway Jr. reacts to ongoing beef with Clippers bench

Tim Hardaway Jr. shared his thoughts on his ongoing beef with the bench of the Los Angeles Clippers. The...
Kristaps Porzingis

Mavs’ Kristaps Porzingis addresses knee injury

Kristaps Porzingis opened up about the knee injury he is dealing with in the series against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Paul George reacts to his bounce-back performance in Game 5 vs Mavs

The Los Angeles Clippers star small forward Paul George answers questions from the media after his team’s monumental 154-111 victory against Luka...
Paul George, Kawhi Leonard

Paul George & Kawhi Leonard laugh after Game 5 win vs Mavericks

The Paul George and Kawhi Leonard-led Los Angeles Clippers beat the seventh-seeded Dallas Mavericks 154-111 in Game 5 and got back on...
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