DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 10: Head coach Rick Carlisle of the Dallas Mavericks looks on as the Dallas Mavericks play the Los Angeles Lakers in the first half at American Airlines Center on February 10, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Rick Carlisle spoke up on the NBA’s intention to exclude older coaches from the resumption of the season, as indicated by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the TNT program Inside the NBA.

Carlisle, who is the president of the National Basketball Coaches Association and the Dallas Mavericks coach, claimed that Silver admitted that “he jumped the gun” referring to the NBA intention on not allowing coaches over 65 years old to be present in Orlando.

“I just spoke to Adam Silver and he admitted that he jumped the gun with his statement to TNT,” Carlisle said, as reported by ESPN, per SB Nation.

“The health and safety of our coaches is first and foremost,” Carlisle continued. “It’s entirely possible that an NBA coach in his 60’s or 70’s could be healthier than someone in their 30’s or 40’s. The conversation should never be solely about a person’s age. Adam assured me that we would work through this together to help determine what is both safe and fair for all of our coaches.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, persons age 65 and older are at “higher risk for severe illness” from COVID-19.