Seth Curry says he never wants to play on Stephen Curry’s team

Stephen Curry Seth Curry
Photo: NBC Sports

Seth Curry admitted that he prefers competing against his brother Stephen Curry rather than joining forces with him on the Golden State Warriors.

Seth faced his older brother Stephen in the 2019 Western Conference Finals, where the Warriors squared off against the Portland Trail Blazers.

“Honestly, I’ve thought about it. Earlier in my career, I had some opportunities to play on the Warriors and go there and obviously take a much lesser role…having the team stacked the way they have in the last few years.

I’ve always turned them down because I never really wanted to play on his team. I’d rather compete against him. I’m going to be compared to him and somewhat in his shadow whether I’m on his team or not, so it’s going to multiply if I were on the same team, so I like to create my own path and do my own thing,” Seth Curry told Austin Rivers on his Uninterrupted show “Go Of”.