John Wall says ‘everything is a flagrant foul’ in today’s NBA

John Wall Derrick Rose
Photo: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Wizards star John Wall opened up about the lack of physicality in today’s NBA.

Wall, who was considered a top defender prior to his injury, said the players can’t be physical these days, because ‘everything is a flagrant foul’.

“Nowadays in this new league, you got so many guys that the way they call things you can’t be physical, you can’t touch, everything’s a flagrant foul.

Now, if somebody says something to your brother or bump your brother and you try to stand up for him, you might be suspended three or four games over nothing. You’re like, ‘Man, If I was going to get suspended three or four games I might as well have thrown a punch or something,'” Wall told Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on the All The Smoke podcast.