Photo: Iowa Women's Basketball/Twitter

Dave Portnoy doesn’t believe Caitlin Clark’s groundbreaking shoe deal is impressive enough. The founder of Barstool Sports argued that the No. 1 pick for the Indiana Fever is being shortchanged with her eight-year, $28 million contract with Nike, despite it including a signature shoe.

“If people want to complain about Caitlin Clark getting screwed complain about this. 8 year 28 million deal is STEALING,” Portnoy posted Tuesday on X. “8 years 80 million min is her worth and that’s still prob too cheap. I hope she has an early opt out if they don’t pay up when she blows through this deal.”

When an X user responded asking how many men would buy Clark’s shoes and calling the deal an “overpay,” Portnoy doubled down while dissing Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker.

“Men would 100% buy her sneakers. All girls who play hoop will,” Portnoy said. “Devin Booker got 5 years 50 million. Caitlin is 100x the Star and impact.”