Kobe Bryant Worked Out With This NBA Team in High School

Photo: Kelvin Kuo, USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant. The legend. Everyone knows his name and for years he has been a household name even to those not in awe of his basketball IQ and prowess.

Kobe came to the NBA straight out of high school, as he was in some of the last classes to be able to make the transition directly from high school to the NBA. But in reality, his NBA journey had already begun.

Normally in high school, he would work out with the Philadelphia 76ers. He was exposed to NBA level physicality and fast paced practices in his teenage years.

He was recorded on video stating that his goal was to make the NBA and be the next Michael Jordan. His grind was different, he was in the gym morning and night of his school years and his outside relationships suffered because of it.

However, it wasn’t all that bad – because by the time he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets and consequently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on draft night, he still 17. His parents had to co-sign his contract because he was still under 18. Rest in peace to a living legend – the Mamba icon and his young daughter, the Mambacita.