Photo: Euroleague Basketball

After home victory against arch-rival Panathinaikos (71-65), Olympiacos‘ power forward, Alec Peters, emphasized the importance of the every game. Especially during this part of the EuroLeague season.

“I love the energy when playing here. It never gets old, you can play hundred of these and it still like the energy of the first one. We are blessed to play for this team but at first our team wasn’t quite ready. Eventually, in the third quarter we found our rhythm and win the game. No matter how we did it, was so special”.

One of the only two double-digits players for the Reds said that the third quarter was the key part of the Derby. He told us the whole team then knew they would beat the Greens.

“When we started third quarter tied, like it was a beginning, we just knew we had a chance. We played really good defense then, we had some big shots. We found our rhythm and once that was established we knew we had them. As you all saw, it was a defensive game, we leaned on that. Olympiacos is not one of the best defensive teams for no reason. Especially when you need it for games like this, we use our strength”.

“I need to mention all those people, they came because of us. I love their energy, their passion for us. Good or bad, it is amazing and I am incredible blessed to be part of something like that”, Alec wanted to thank Olympiacos‘ fans for supporting them.

As it is well-known, from now one every game matter and Alec Peters loves this part of the season.

“Every game is important know. It’s best time of the year. We need to secure the position the make the Playoffs running. Hopefully not just that, we need to keep going”.