Photo: The Players' Tribune/YouTube screenshot

Team USA Basketball managing director Grant Hill sidestepped an explanation when questioned about the decision to exclude Jalen Brunson from the Olympics.

Hill emphasized the importance of focusing on the 12 players selected for the team and not dwelling on individual omissions. He acknowledged the difficulty of making tough decisions, considering players’ past contributions and current performances.

Hill stressed the challenge of assembling a cohesive team with complementary pieces as the primary objective.

“I think it’s important for me to really honor and celebrate the 12 that are on the team and not get caught up in why this person or that person,” Hill said on a conference call.

“I will say this, just in general: There were some really difficult decisions that were to be made. You have players who are incredible, players who have helped us in years past. Helped us win gold medals.

“You have players who are having current seasons that are just off the charts. The job was putting together a team, and a team that we felt and ultimately, I felt, the pieces fit.”