British Basketball receive no funding from UK Sport


UK Sport has announced that basketball will receive no funding up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Both Great Britain’s men and women managed just one win at London 2012, which was below predicted expectations and despite the men qualifying for their third straight Eurobasket next summer in Slovenia and the women their second in France, UK Sport does not have the confidence to give the sport the funds needed to win medals in Brazil in four years time.

It also shows the traditional lack of faith in UK Sport to fund only the strong sports and send the up-and-coming sports that need money to grow back into the wilderness.

Performance Chairman Roger Moreland has said he will be appealing the decision.

“We have only been informed of this decision today and we will take stock of what we do going forward,” Moreland said. “The first thing we will be doing is appealing the decision. There seems to be a huge gap in the funding system for sports such as basketball. There is a fantastic pool in this country which comes from different parts of the community than the majority of sports UK Sport supports. They deserve better. We will take stock and thoroughly investigate all avenues and discuss options with a fantastic network of partners we have built up over time and anyone else that wants to join us.”

Moreland went ton to say:” A few years back many people said GB teams wouldn’t be competitive at the Olympics. We were. The men’s team lost by one point to eventual silver-medallists, Spain and soundly beat world ranked number 10, China. The women lost on the last shot of overtime to France who won the silver-medal. We have the athletes with the potential to win medals and that’s what British Basketball intends to do.”

Chief executive of UK Sport Liz Nicholl said to the BBC: “Today will be good news for some and it will be painful for others who haven’t met the criteria.

“They are very disappointed but I think some of these sports have to improve their base, their competition structure, and drive up competition before they can really compete for medals at a world level.”

Nicholl was also speaking of the other sports that received little or no funding, such as table-tennis, wrestling, handball and most surprisingly swimming. Questions will be asked though of how can these sports improve their base and compete with the top nations without the funding?

Great Britain will look to name their men’s and women’s coaches in the new year as both sides prepare for their respective Eurobasket championships next summer.

  • FrediS

    GB are a disaster. No show for players every year, always excuses when they lose, Australia made a joke out of them in London. They never beat anyone of importance, not even in their own Olympic Games! No wander there is no money to continue.

  • A Kiwi living in Italia

    I think it’s a shame that Britain cares only for the sports it is supposedly good at and not the sports where there is huge potential. Thoughts are with the GB fraternity on this one.. A Kiwi living in Italia.

  • Stavri11

    As sorry as I am for the players, I understand why GB basketball is not given money for the next Olympic Games. They have no chances of even qualifying for the games and winning medals is just impossible. Their leagues are very low standard and the game is run by volunteers. It is a real shame to waste the opportunity presented by hosting such an important event as the Olympic Games. Collectively they won only one game out of 10 and that was a meaningless one against the outsiders China after both teams were knocked out of the competition already.

  • Stefan

    I just came across this article and got annoyed. GB basketball are a very average team and program that failed to achieve anything with a massive amount of money! FIBA gave their women a free place in Division A when they dropped to B, then gave them Olympic place without deserving it at all. As for the men – it was even more ridiculous taking into account how many excellent teams did not receive the chance to play in London because of the host place given to GB. This is a program run by some average American coaches and some administrators that never played the game at any reasonable level and this was obvious. Their players were shopped from USA (some like Gordon never even showed-up), and they still did not win anything meaningful in 7 years. Their BBL is pathetic, and the profile of the sport a joke. So please, don´t seek support from the genuine basketball fans here who know how their teams EARN 20+ sports in the FIBA rankings, and that´s not by hosting expensive events. It´s your fault and your managers´ that with almost 20 mln Euros you have nothing to show.