Chris Broussard says Russell Westbrook is ‘actually a really good guy’, explains why people think otherwise

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Russell Westbrook got ejected from the game against the Golden State Warriors after getting his second technical foul for trash talking the opposing bench. After the game he stated that it was unfair that he was the only one who received a technical foul.

Sports analyst Chris Broussard talked on First Things First about the incident and why people might have a perfection about Russ that he is a bad guy. It is the fact that the Houston Rockets start is not letting people in that cause some people to think he is scary, according to Broussard.

“Russ is not a bad guy. He’s actually a really good guy. … But he hasn’t let people in. We feel like we know LeBron, like we know Steph. When an athlete doesn’t let people in, which is his right, but people tend to make up their own perceptions about you.”