Chris Broussard evaluates James Harden, Russell Westbrook & small-ball Rockets

Photo: ClutchPoints

While talking on First Thing First Chris Broussard gave an attention to the Rockets and their new strategy of playing small-ball game.

According to Broussard: “I think they are the 3rd best team in the West. I don’t think they can get to the Conference Finals. I think they’re better suited to win the championship than a couple of years ago, when they still had Clint Capela and Chris Paul. I think this move for the small ball is the best for their lineup now. This is great for Russell Westbrook, because for the first time in his career the lane is wide open. He doesn’t have to sit at the 3-point line anymore and wait for Harden to pass him the ball.”

“One of the best things about this is that it makes them less Harden-centric. Before it was Harden clearly number one and Russ kinda getting in where he fitted, like everybody else. Now I think it’s really a one-two punch. These are two co-stars. Harden obviously can do his thing and Westbrook is able to do what he does best. Both of them can maximize their game in this system. I think they’re slightly better than a month ago, but I don’t think they can win championship.” Broussard added.