Arturas Gudaitis Armani Milano
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Arturas Gudaitis talked about the head coach of Armani Milano, Ettore Messina, and how his arrival has changed things in the team.

Here is what the Lithuanian center told Donatas Urbonas of

On Armani Milano: “Everything. I could name and name. From team play to ballroom activities, we finally have a common locker room. Which is funny, but it’s a big advantage. We are a real family now.”

On head coach Ettore Messina: “I can only describe it in the best words. What everyone says is so. This is a tough coach who demands from players. Outside the floor, he can talk to you as a friend.

On the floor, we know what he is and how much he demands of us. He wants everyone to be fine. Messina is a perfectionist and is asking for it from others.”

On Luis Scola: “He is a very good teacher. It would be difficult to find one on the floor. Now I have both a pitch teacher and a good coach teacher. For me, it will be super to return to play.”