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Kobe Bryant LA Lakers Staples Center

Ettore Messina on Kobe Bryant: “You don’t coach Kobe Bryant. You stay in the...

Armani Milano head coach Ettore Messina paid tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers and NBA Legend, Kobe Bryant.
Ettore Messina Joe Arlauckas The Crossover

The legendary Ettore Messina visits The Crossover

One of the greatest coaches in European basketball history, Ettore Messina of Armani Milano, is the newest guest on The Crossover with...
Ettore Messina Armani Milano

Ettore Messina on Armani Milano EuroLeague record: “We are where we wanted to be”

Armani Milano head coach Ettore Messina has been satisfied with the team's record in the EuroLeague after 15 games (8-7).
Messina Obradovic

Ettore Messina victorious in clash with Zeljko Obradovic – EuroLeague Week 4 Roundup

Ettore Messina was victorious in the battle with Zeljko Obradovic, as Armani Milano handed Fenerbahce its third loss in the EuroLeague.

Michael Roll on TalkBasket: “I came to Milan for Messina, after having very close...

Olimpia Milano escaped Athens with a huge road win over Panathinaikos OPAP (78-79), the fifth in a row for the "Red Shoes"...
Arturas Gudaitis Armani Milano

Arturas Gudaitis on Armani Milano: “We are a real family now”

Arturas Gudaitis talked about the head coach of Armani Milano, Ettore Messina, and how his arrival has changed things in the team.
ALBA Berlin

TalkBasket Blog: 5 things that stood out in EuroLeague opener

TalkBasket.net emphasises on the five things that stood out in the opening round of the EuroLeague. The return of...
Mike James CSKA Moscow

Mike James on Ettore Messina: “I can only say that I would never act...

Mike James addressed the decision of Ettore Messina to not include him in the roster of Armani Milano for the 2019/20 season.
Ettore Messina Armani Milano

Ettore Messina: “I liked the idea of having my own team, my own coaching...

Ettore Messina talked about the decision to leave the San Antonio Spurs and become the head coach and president of Armani Milano.
Sergio Rodriguez Armani Milano

Sergio Rodriguez on Ettore Messina: “I consider being trained by him a great opportunity”

Sergio Rodriguez talked about his expectations with Armani Milano and praised the Italian team's head coach, Ettore Messina. Here...

Meo Sacchetti on TalkBasket: The ousting of Aradori, the misunderstandings with Hackett, Giannis’s potential...

Being the coach of the Italian National Team is a hard task per se. However, being the coach of the group that...
EuroLeague Basketball

Ettore Messina clarified Mike James future in Milan

Ettore Messina made an official statement in which he explained what the future of Mike James in Milan is after the club...
Ettore Messina Armani Milano

Ettore Messina: “With Gregg Popovich, I figured out how to keep a team always...

Armani Milano head coach and president of basketball operations Ettore Messina praised San Antonio Spurs' head coach, Gregg Popovich.
Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina officially becomes the new head coach of Armani Milano

Armani Milano took to Twitter and announced that Ettore Messina has officially taken over the club for the next three years.
Simone Pianigiani

Simone Pianigiani parted ways with Armani Milano; Ettore Messina ready to take over

Armani Milano announced that Simone Pianigiani parted ways with the club, with Ettore Messina being ready to replace him.
Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina reportedly close to taking over Armani Milano

According to Emiliano Carchia of Sportando, Ettore Messina is close to accepting Armani Milano's offer. If this happens, the...
EuroLeague Basketball

Xavi Pascual and Ettore Messina reportedly candidates to take over Armani Milano

Per the Spanish website Encestando, Xavi Pascual and Ettore Messina are the main candidates to take over Armani Milano.
Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina on the EuroLeague: “It is the second best only behind the NBA...

San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Ettore Messina praised the EuroLeague and its high level of competition. Here is what...


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