ImageThe world was shocked on Friday with the tragic loss of one of its biggest stars, non other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson at age 50 due to a cardiac arrest.

The entertainer is the best selling artist of all time in music history and will probably never be surpassed.

Memorable are his collaborations with many celebrities in his music videos like Steven Spielberg, Eddie Murphy, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Woopie Goldberg and many many others.

With his initials being MJ we would like to focus on two of them, first of all because they share the same initials and of course because they are basketball superstars

In 1991 Michael Jackson recorded “Jam” for his album dangerous and a music video was shot for the release as a single featuring non other than MJ, Michael Jordan. Jackson plays some basketball with Jordan in the video and tries to teach his Airness some of his dance moves in the end of the video.


Another MJ, namely Magic Johnson starred in Michael Jackson’s music video “Remember the time” alongside Eddie Murphy and Iman, in the role of a royal guard in pharaonic Egypt.


We offer our condolences to his family and loved ones and wish his 3 children the best of luck.