Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/X screenshot

Despite a disappointing Game 2 loss against the Denver Nuggets, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham remains optimistic, urging his team to focus on the work ahead and remember that they still have an abundance of opportunities in the series.

Acknowledging the challenges and frustrations of the game, Ham emphasized the importance of maintaining focus and resilience, urging his players to learn from the experience and channel their energy into Game 3.

“Making it about the work and knowing that you still have abundance of life. You still have an abundance of life,” Ham said postgame. “But we got to make it about the work and keep it about the work.

Reflecting on the shifting dynamics of playoff officiating, Ham highlighted the need for adaptability and mental toughness, urging his team to rise above any obstacles and seize control of the series.

“It’s tough,” he said. “Some tough calls. Some tough non-calls. But you can’t use any of that as an excuse. You got to go out there and be ready to make plays whether the whistle gets blown or not. It’s getting real tricky to go through the season games being officiated one way and then you get in the playoffs and then it’s like, I guess it’s up left to the interpretation of the three individual guys that’s doing a job out there.

“But all that said, you just have to know that yeah it stings remember this feeling as we take it back home to L.A. and we got to give them that same feeling in Game 3. That needs to be the sole focus. Recovery process have to start now. It’s filling our cups back up. But it’s all about Game 3 right now.”