In a shocking move after Iraklis-PAOK where the host team was easily defeated by their city rivals, Iraklis administration made the players take off their jerseys and let them in the court centre.

Some of the players obeyed the orders and indeed took them off and throw them in the court centre. A couple of hours later the president of Iraklis BC made an announcement apologising to the fans for the “queer game” by the players.

E tan e epi tas

The club’s move has outraged the Players’ Union who made an announcement against the club accusing them of “homophobic sentiments” and understanding the “outrage of of their Iraklis colleagues” for the humiliation suffered by the club’s administration.

The club later retaliated again by quoting the team’s captain Vladimir Petrovic that “the players don’t deserve to wear this team’s jerseys” and again hinting against the players saying that “a club is not a contract, a car and house with internet” and ended with a “our players don’t need a pimp” referring to the Players’ Union.


Video courtesy of Blue Arena (after 1:50)

Editor’s note: We were misled by the PSAK (Greek Players Union) announcement to believe that players were asked to take off their jerseys by the club administration. In fact the players were urged to remove their jerseys by their own fans.