Kawhi Leonard: “I come into the game just trying to win”

Photo: Twitter/Toronto Raptors

At the media availability before Game 2 of the NBA FIinals, the Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard spoke about his mindset facing the Warriors defence, per ESPN:

“I come into the game just trying to win. If I have my mindset on just trying to score the ball, yeah, it could be difficult. But I’m trying to make the right play out there, and obviously if there are two people on me, somebody is open. It’s really not about me. If they play defense like that, guys are going to step up and make shots. All I could do is keep making the right play. When I do get a free look, make my shots and go back on the other end and play defense. It’s just not about me scoring or trying to get my offense off. It’s a whole collective group out there playing basketball.”