Photo: Toronto Raptors/X

Here’s Toronto Raptors guard Immanuel Quickley explaining why he loves playing for head coach Darko Rajakovic.

(via Toronto Raptors):

”I think the person part is probably the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from Darko. I think we probably talk more about off the court stuff than we do about basketball stuff, which is pretty cool to have as a coach. But when we talk about basketball, his attention to detail is second to none. His will to work and find ways to improve and things like that and include the whole team is second to none as well. So, just having somebody that you can talk to off the court. When I was struggling with a little bit of adversity and the passing of my uncle, I was able to talk to him and things like that. It’s pretty cool and unique to have somebody like that, so I appreciate him.”