Golden State Warriors’ General Manager Mike Dunleavy expressed confidence in the team’s ability to contend with the core trio of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and potentially Klay Thompson.

Despite Thompson’s uncertain future, Dunleavy believes in the team’s capacity to build a championship-caliber roster around their established stars.

Dunleavy emphasized the collective desire within the organization to retain Thompson, highlighting his importance to the team’s success.

“Well, considering they won four before, I would say it’s well within the realm of reasonability,” Dunleavy said, per Dalton Johnson. “But we got to, you know, certainly we want Klay back, first and foremost. I expressed that to him yesterday. I think our players have expressed that, our coach, front office, ownership, look, everybody wants Klay back.

“He’s still a really good player and I think we have enough good players in our system, we have enough assets to acquire good players and we have the ability to keep getting better. So, given that, as long as those guys are still really good, like, yeah, I think we can contend and compete. But we just unequivocally have to improve.”