22nd Gameweek Greek Basketleague

Aris Thessalonikis/instagram

Aris Thessalonikis (9th place) – Promitheas Patras ( 4th place) : 66-65

Quarters: 9-17, 29-38, 45-52, 60-60, 66-65 extra time

Venue: Alexandreion Melathron ( Nick Galis Hall)

Referees: Papaetrou- Manglogiannis- A.Anastopoulos

MVP:  Michael Kyzer

Promitheas was better in the first quarter and the team from Patra was in the lead ( 2-13) with the points of Lypovy and Rion Brown mainly. Rion Brown made a great performance in the first quarter and Promitheas led by 8 points ( 9-17). The score was very low, Promitheas was in the lead, but Aris was determined. Slaftsakis and Bochoridis points are the main factor why Aris took the lead (24-22), but Promitheas with Brown regained the lead ( 24-28). Promitheas had a 10-0 in a row and 1p from Kyzer made the halftime score ( 29-38). The team who coached by Makis Giatras increased the gap (29-43). Although Promitheas led  by 7 points ( 45-52) in the end of the third quarter, but the the team of Patras pace was decreased. Lucky Jones was excellent in the fourth quarter and he was very significant for the hosts. Aris took the lead but Gkikas for Promitheas equalized the match ( 60-60) in the end of the fourth quarter. In the extra time,  Jones and Bochoridis scored 5 points for Aris like Promitheas with Brown, but 1p of Jones gave the win to the Kastitis team. ( 66-65)

Aris Thessalonikis (9th place) best players : Points: Lucky Jones ( 20  points) , Rebound: Michael Kyzer  ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Boris Dallo ( 6 assists)

Promitheas Patras ( 4th place)  best players : Points: Rion Brown  ( 20 points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis ( 10 rebounds) , Assist: Nikos Gkikas  ( 5 assists)

Aris Thessalonikis (9th place) will travel to Athens to play against Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) next week, whereas Promitheas Patras ( 4th place)  will host Lavrio Aegean Cargo (11th place) in the 23rd gameweek

Panionios B.C. ( 10th place) – Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 5th place): 77-75

Quarters: 11-17, 38-38, 56-58, 77-75

Venue: Sofia Befon Stadium

Referees: Karakatsounis-Mpitis-Diamantis

MVP:  Davion Berry

Peristeri was very good and had confidence in the first quarter and the team who coched by Argyris Pedoulakis le by 6 points ( 11-17) in the end of the first quarter . Davion Berry is one of the best players this year in Basketleague and he is very important for Panionios. The hosts equalized the match at halftime. The score was so close ( 50-50) in the third quarter, but Panionios was in the leading ( 54-50). In the end of the third quarter Peristeri finally regained the score ( 56-58). In the fourth quarter Nontas Papantoniou had a 9-0 in a row. Although Peristeri reduced the gap, Panionios won the match ( 77-75). 

Panionios B.C. ( 10th place) best players : Points: Davion Berry  ( 20 points) , Rebound: Joe Dorsey ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Nikos Diplaros ( 4 assists)

Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 5th place) best players : Points: Ben Bentil  ( 17 points) , Rebound: Ben Bentil  ( 10 rebounds) , Assist: Jordan Callahan ( 4 assists)

Panionios B.C. ( 10th place) will travel to Thessaloniki to play against Paok B.C. (6th place) next week, whereas Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 5th place) will host Olympiakos (2nd place)* in the 23rd gameweek

Kymis B.C. ( 12th place) – Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 13th place): 77-84

Quarters: 20-22, 38-39, 58-54, 77-84 

Venue: Tasos Kabouris Kanithou Indoor Hall ( Chalkida, Euboia)

Referees: P.Anastopoulos, Tsaroucha, Tzafleris

MVP:  Steve Burtt Jr

Rethymno had a great start in the first quarter with a 3-10 in a row. 3 minutes before the end of the first quarter the team from Crete was in the lead (9-22). Kymi answered with  14-0 in a row and the score in the end of the first quarter was 20-22. Rethymno took the lead again with 0-12 in a row (23-34), but Kymi returned to the match with a 13-2 in a row, but in the halftime Rethymno was in the lead. Kymis regained the lead ( 58-54), but Rethymno made a great performance in the fourth quarter and the team who coached by Ziangos finally won the match. 

 Kymis B.C. ( 12th place)  best players : Points: Chris Horton  ( 20 points) , Rebound: Chris Horton ( 14 rebounds) , Assist: JeQuan Lewis ( 8 assists)

Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 13th place) best players : Points: Steve Burtt Jr ( 29 points) , Rebound: Travis Daniels ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Anthony Hickey ( 7 assists)

Kymis B.C. ( 12th place) will face Hfaistos Limnou (7th place) at home next week, whereas Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 13th place) will welcome Kolossos Rodes (14th place) in the 23rd gameweek. 

Lavrio Aegean Cargo (11th place) – Aek Athens (3rd place): 94-100

Quarters: 28-20, 42-49, 69-70, 89-89 , 94-100 extra time

Venue: Lavrio Indoor Hall

Referees: Somos-Panagiotou- Pafilis

MVP: Vince Hunter

The score was so close in the start of the game ( 12-14), but Lavrio was decisive and the team who coached by Serelis with a 7-0 in a row finally was in the lead. ( 19-14). Bufford scored many points and he tried to increase the gap. ( 28-20). Aek restored the score with Larentzakis, James, Hunter and Sakota mainly and team from Athens led by 7 points at halftime ( 42-49). Lamb from Lavrio achieved to tie up the match in the start of the third quarter, but Sakota made a great performance with a 8-0 in a row. In the en of the third wuarter Aek was in the lead by  point ( 69-70). Lamb was the man who tie up the match ( 89-89) in the end of the fourth quarter and Larentzakis missed a 3p. Finally, Aek won the match at extra time ( 94-100). 

Lavrio Aegean Cargo (11th place) best players : Points: Doron Lamb ( 23 points) , Rebound: Milan Milocevic (  12 rebounds) , Assist: Zamal Nixon ( 3 assists)

Aek Athens (3rd place) best players : Points: Vince Hunter  ( 22  points) , Rebound: Dusan Sakota  ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Giannoulis Larentzakis (  5 assists)

Lavrio Aegean Cargo (11th place)  will face  Promitheas Patras ( 4th place) on the road next week, whereas Aek Athens (3rd place) will welcome KAE Panathinaikos B.C. (1st place) in the 23rd gameweek.