Basketball meets handball: An emotional sports history in Central Germany: The official premiere

2 Lions Leipzig
Photo: 2 LIONS Leipzig

The premiere of the first cross-sports advertising film production took place a few days ago at the Arena Leipzig and was impressive.

“Basketball meets handball: An emotional sports history in Central Germany” was presented live for the first time in front of a sold-out crowd (5.000 fans) at the Arena Leipzig.

The film, which was produced by SACHSEN QUELLE, has attracted people’s attention, with its trailer, created by 2 LIONS Media Company, having more than 60.000 views on SACHSEN QUELLE’s page on Facebook.

Photo: 2 LIONS Leipzig

As a result, the CEO of the company, Markus Humpert, was very satisfied with the success of the production.

“After the great success of our first commercial, it was obvious to work on a sequel. The goal was clearly to create another emotional spot with familiar faces,” Mr Humpert said in an interview during the game.

“The difficulties were in the details. How can we connect our sponsorships in basketball and handball and linked that with a credible story? The first reactions to the social media show that with 2 LIONS we have solved the task very well,” he added.

For his part, the CEO of 2 LIONS, Stefan Schedler, was pleased with the work his company did to create this film.

“The film production is a great opportunity to show the strength of the regional sports clubs and the strengths of 2 LIONS,” Mr Schedler said.

He also mentioned that this commercial let them “make a statement and show how to connect and bring closer different sports industries.”

Mr Schedler was also thankful to everyone that helped develop this story and added his company’s aim was to inspire people tell their stories.

2 LIONS Leipzig
Photo: 2 LIONS Leipzig

“Basketball meets handball: An emotional sports history in Central Germany” features handball and basketball professional players from Bundesliga, who stand together in front of the camera.

The sporting representatives of the Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club (1st Basketball Bundesliga), SC DHfK Leipzig (1st Handball Bundesliga) and the NINERS Chemnitz (2nd Basketball Bundesliga) participated in the film.

After the premiere of the film, SC DHfK Leipzig faced Füchse Berlin in the 1st Handball Bundesliga, with the hosts earning the win (32-27).