Knee injuries are one of the most common types in basketball, and while a basketball shoe can’t prevent them, it still can alleviate some of the discomforts from knee pain and previous knee injuries.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the shoe features that help support, stabilize, and provide reliable protection for your knees.

Comfortable Basketball Shoes

The right basketball shoes can become the closest ally of a basketball player with bad knees.

When choosing comfortable basketball shoes that will provide high-quality protection for your bad knees, remember to look for:

  • Сushion

To decrease the impact and improve shock absorption, look for a shoe that is well-cushioned. Your arch flattens during pronation to absorb and spread the impact of the shock to the foot and the knee, making ample shoe cushioning essential.

  • Firm Heel

A shoe with a firm heel supports and stabilizes the heel, as well as reduces overpronation, consequently reducing knee dysfunction.

  • Firm Midsole

A firm midsole prevents excessive flattening of the arch, reducing the shock felt through the knee because of the impact. Additionally, a firm midsole reduces lateral knee movement and stress.

  • Removable Insole

It minimizes or eliminates the pain that you might be experiencing in your knees. Besides, you can easily remove it and accustom any other footbed your doctor recommends you.

  • Comfort

An uncomfortable shoe will affect your playing style, which could further put your knees at risk. Shoes that provide stability, cushioning, and comfort are about the best types of shoes for knee problems.

Best Shoes for Runner’s Knees

Below are some of the best shoes for knee pain that can be helpful for those with bad knees:

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017

The thickest Boost midsole offers an unbelievable amount of bounciness for that pillow like a ride. This is the best cushion, created with the LeBron 15’s Air for those who love comfort, bounce, and lots of impact protection.

Adidas D Rose 7

It has strong features – traction, cushion, and support to be more specific.

Boost cushioning is perfectly balanced and provides a lot of impact protection while still being very responsive. The more energy you give, the more you get. Engineered mesh and synthetic upper provides maximum breathability. The D Rose is a good choice for those with knee pain.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2

The Harden Vol. 2 is a nice improvement over James Harden’ first signature sneaker. The thicker Boost cushioning provides a ton of impact protection. The traction is great on clean courts but requires you to wipe a lot on dusty courts. Materials are not premium but perform very well and give you all the support you need. Overall, this is a shoe that works especially well for bigger guards and heavier players who look for a lot of cushioning and support.

Nike Men’s Kyrie 4

These shoes feature the Nike Zoom Air cushioning in the heel that not only absorbs all the shock but also minimizes fatigue without losing control of the forefoot. The upper is made out of equally soft mesh and suede that work together to provide you with a supportive and stable shoe, which keeps your ankles protected throughout the game. And the ultralight, super-strong Flywire cables provide support during sharp cuts.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3

The Curry 3 features a simple herringbone pattern with thin grooves, a pivot point in the forefoot, and a hard rubber compound. The Curry 3 offer provides ultra-lightweight support with features such as the carbon fiber wings on the heel. These wings provide extra security to make sure your ankle isn’t going anywhere. Other than that, if you’re a player that uses jab steps, v-cuts, step backs (plays like Steph Curry) then you’re going to love the responsive traction the Curry 3 gives you on the court.

Full-Length Zoom Basketball Shoes

The full-length Zoom is the innovative shoe technology, which has a very bouncy cushion that provides great energy returns through the way the fibers expand back to their initial state after every impact.

Unlike previous basketball shoes, the full-length Zoom technology gives players the benefits of a more responsive and energetic run. The elite athletes are counting on a full-length Zoom for a fast, responsive ride and that snappy, quick-off-the ground feel that helps optimize their quest for speed.

The full-length Zoom cushioning, usually reserved for much more expensive shoes, is responsive, comfortable and offers great impact protection for explosive, quick and agile players.

It is most often used in high-end basketball shoes like

NIKE Jordan Men’s Why Not ZeroO.1

NIKE Air Jordan Men’s XXXII

NIKE LeBron Soldier XI


Bottom Line

Your basketball shoes play an important role in how well you perform, as well as in reducing the risk of injury. The right basketball shoe will help your knee feel healthy and stable.