Photo: Golden State Warriros/Twitter

Sportswear outfitters Under Armour have announced the launch of “Curry Brand” as a line of basketball sneakers and other merchandise in the name of Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry, much in the way Nike did with Michael Jordan back in his playing days.

The endeavor, which kicks off on December 1, is dedicated to giving back, with Under Armour committing to investing a percentage of the brand’s revenue in under-resourced communities.

The announcement reads:

“The goals are as high-achieving as his basketball records: by 2025, the Curry Brand aims to create at least 20 safe places to play, support 125 programs that impact young athletes, and deliver opportunities to train more than 15,000 coaches—making an overall impact on more than 100,000 youth.”

“We have a shared goal of unlocking play for kids, so that became a natural place for us to focus,” Curry said. “I grew up doing a lot of things to give back to the community with my family – and continue that now – while Under Armour has done so much to support athletes around the world.”

Curry’s Curry 8 sneakers are set for release on December 11, less than two weeks before the Warriors begin the campaign in which they hope to reassert their dominance over the NBA.

“Play is a fundamental part of childhood and is critical to development,” the sharpshooter added. “So much of who I am as a person and a leader today is because of playing sports as a kid. I learned the value of hard work, resilience, teamwork, communication, time management – sports teach young athletes so many critical life skills, which is why I’m passionate about making sure everyone has access to these opportunities, first through my foundation and now through Curry Brand.”