ImageAris BSA reached the 3 wins in the first 3 playing-days of EuroCup's competition by downing Turk Telekom in a very spectacular game as it turned to be till its' end.

The game started enthusiastically for both teams, with Nikos Barlos and Kris Lang scoring the first shots for their teams. The Greek power forward scored a triple, while Erwin Dudley with a hook shot and Kennedy Winston in the fastbreak scored for the 5-6. Big man of Turk Telekom, Dudley, continued scoring for the Turkish team by adding four more points to make the score 15-15. On the other hand, Keydren Clark and Sean Marshall scored for the “yellows” three 3 pt shots for the 18-15. Turk Telekom managed to tranfer their offensive game in the “paint” with big-men Dudley, Pars, Lang and Wright taking the advantage of Aris' BSA lack of big-men. The first quarter ended by 26-24 after a fade-away shot of Marshall. During the second quarter Nikos Barlos and Anton Gavel lead Aris BSA to 31-26 , while Wright added 4 points in a row for the 31-28. The “yellows” started playing tough defense over the Turkish team, leading them to some turnovers, but Turk Telekom managed to be close to the score with Dudley scoring inside the paint. The third foul commited by Lazaros Agadakos gave the chance to the young big-man Gaios Skordilis to play and help Aris BSA by playing good defense over Dudley. Roderick Blackney scored a triple and gave the lead in the score for Turk Telekom by +3 (36-39) and then it was Dudley again who scored a 2 pt shot for the 36-41. Skordilis dunked for the 40-41 but Blackney with his 13th personal point made the score 41-44 at the end of the first half.

The second half started with Blagota Sekulic adding 4 points for the “yellows”, while Marshall with a triple lead Aris BSA to take the lead in the score by +1 (50-49). Lazaros Agadakos scored 7 personal points in a row making the score 58-54 and this lead coach Sunter Ercument to ask for a time-out. The game continued in the same pace, with Sekulic for the “yellows” and Blackney for the turkish team scoring. The fourth quarter found Aris BSA having the lead in the score by 5 (67-62), but young wing-forward, Kostas Papanikolaou, with a block over Blackney and a 2 pt shot made the score 69-62. Turk Telekom by scoring 8 points in a row and by playing good defense over the “yellows” took the lead in the score by +1 (69-70). Dimitris Tsaldaris and Blagota Sekulic added 4 points for the 73-70, while Kennedy Winston and Keydren Clark made the 75-72. Continuing turnovers from both teams had the result to reach the last minute of the game, when Tutku Acik scored a triple for the 75-75. Tsaldaris scored an important 2 pt shot 35'' to go, while Turk Telekom missed the last offense. Final score 79-75, with the “yellows” leading the group D after their third win.

During the press conference of the game, coach Ercument stated for the Turkish team:

It was a very important game for both teams, because by not having lost a game is a big advantage. Aris BSA managed to beat Panellinios BC in Athens and Bnei Hasharon in their home-court, so it would we a difficult game for us. We knew that Aris BSA would have two players missing, but we had also a serious injury during our last training. As for the game, we made many turnovers that lead Aris BSA to score 26 points and I think that this is the key for our lose. During the first half we took the advantage of the big-men but we did not do the same during the second half. I want to congratulate Aris BSA and I think that both teams have the chances to qualify to the next round. Also, I want to thank Aris BSA for their great hospitality and I wish them good luck to the Greek league.

For the “yellows”, coach Andrea Mazzon stated:

This was a very good basketball night for us and I am very happy for the game and for many other reasons. I am happy for the young men's performance, and that as a team we managed to accomplish whatever we wanted in order to win a team with 12€ million budget. I am very proud, but on the other hand as a person I feel really sad due to this “crazy war” taking place the last three days, and living in 2008, it is something that I cannot accept. I really love Greece and these days are terrible. As for the win, it was the best second half we mentally played, because during the first half we could not believe that we had to play in a situation like that. We were shocked by this strange atmosphere. Also, I am proud for the players and for the coaching staff and I want to say that we are a team. This is what I have already told to my players. They give everything, not only physically, but mentally too.