Milos Teodosic was interview by Greek sports website and he had some very interesting things to say. Read the entire interview, including some videos.

– How much have things changed since Ivkovic’ arrival?

The moment he came a lot changed. The squad also changed quite a lot. I believe he is putting things in the right order and he has given the team new potential. We can achieve things.

– How much can you achieve?

As much as to reach all our targets.

– On personal level, is it easier to work with a coach with whom you speak the same language?

Only I know how much Mr. Ivkovic has helped me during my career and I will thank him for that for the remainder of my life. Speaking the same language is important, for sure. Of course, you understand better what he wants from you and he was also working for the (Serbian) National Team and that was another plus for me and Erceg because we knew what he wanted from us.

– In a previous interview you stated that you had a good working relationship with Giannakis, but Ivkovic is “The Boss”. What did you mean?

I meant that one must respect his coach and regard him as someone higher than himself. I can see for myself that this goes for all my teammates when it comes to Mr. Ivkovic. They see him in the same way I do, and this is very good for the entire team.

– Is it true that during the Giannakis era the team had disciplinary issues?

No comment. We had a very good cooperation and personal relationship.

– Despite the fact that he trusted you on the court, Giannakis wanted to get rid of you, claiming that you were not a team-oriented player and an inconsistent one. Wasn’t that a bit confusing?

This is the first time I’m hearing of this. I appreciate and respect everything Mr. Giannakis has done for me. We co-existed for two and a half years, with good and bad moments. We went along just fine and this is the first time I’m hearing that he wanted me out of the team, so I don’t want to comment any further on this subject.

– The team looks better this season, but is still not so consistent. Why do you think that is?

You’re right. We are a new team, we need time to gel, you can’t create a great team in three months time. We got to keep working as hard as we do now and we will see results in a couple of months.

– What is the missing element to become the team that your coach has in mind for you?

I think time. To spend more time on court  together. If we keep working hard we will become a force to reckon with.

– You’ve said that a lot of things have changed in Olympiacos but the ambitions have remained the same…

I see no reason why we shouldn’t be as ambitious as we were. Olympiacos is a great team, targeting high and even higher. We need to take everything step by step. This way we can achieve everything we want.

– How are things with you and Spanoulis?

He is a really nice guy. I knew him before he joined Olympiacos and we are now roommates. I’m extremely happy he is a member of our squad because players like him are rare. Everyone likes him. In the beginning he was worried about how the other guys would welcome him, but all the guys embraced and helped him. I think he likes it here. We all have to play our roles in the court, so the team achieves its targets.

– How can a single guy be a roommate with a family man?

Vasilis is a true friend and a great roommate. I didn’t know him as a single guy to tell the difference, now that he got a family. I think he thinks and acts as a responsible family man.

– Just for the record, how did you end up at Olympiacos? Panathinaikos was interested in you, but Obradovic didn’t want you…

I didn’t know this. I never had an offer from Panathinaikos. I had an offer from Olympiacos, which satisfied me, and I decided to accept it. Not all players get the chance to sign for one of the Top3 teams in Europe, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to make.

– Have you ever talked with Obradovic about this?

We only talk when we meet and our conversation is always basic. Everyone know how great of a coach he is.

– After the recent World Championship Obradovic congratulated and praised you…

As I said, everyone know what a great coach Mr. Obradovic is. It is very important to hear such things from a person like him. It feels good.

– Have you finally found your role at Olympiacos? Do you feel you’re the leader of the team?

I hate talking about myself. I don’t know if I’m the leader everyone anticipate me to be. I have to prove it in the court. Wins show who is the captain. I think we got a very good team and my role is settled in it. I want to be part of a winning team. I can only tell you I like being a member of a champion team and Olympiacos can become a champion.

– Last season didn’t end with the best of ways…

It was the first time I lived such a situation. I could never imagine things like these could happen, even though I was a part of that situation, as well. It was a bad experience. Shameful things happened. I wish it wouldn’t happen ever again, even though I understand why fans reacted like that. I’m not saying it was an acceptable behaviour, they just expected the team to win the championship after so many years and didn’t expect our defeat in OAKA.

– I suppose the fighting in the Greece-Serbia game were equally bad…

Honestly, that story is in the past now. It was bad for both the Greek and Serbian National Teams and I honestly already put it behind me and it is something I don’t want to live ever again in my life.

– Rumours have it that the rivalry between you and Panathinaikos players is due to the fact that you hit them in the groin when they shoot. Is that true?

Rumours, rumours… what can I say. Maybe they think that’s the case and they say it is so. Truth is I don’t like and I don’t want to hit anyone, not knowingly anyway.

– In an interview your father claimed that Panathinaikos players hate you. Do you believe that?

He said that? I don’t think so…

– Yes, he did. Do you feel hated?

No, and I don’t care.

– After the Acropolis Cup incident Tsartsaris said that foreigners who play in Greece should respect their livelihoods in Greece, he was obviously referring to you.

No comment. I think I respect my livelihood in Greece enough.

– How hard is to control yourself in the court when things get heated?

It’s not easy at all. I’m working on it and try to control my temper. But I don’t know of any player who isn’t tensed when he plays. We just wanted to win. I apologise to everyone and I hope it never happens again.

– Did you speak with Fotsis after that incident?


– Do you think of the first game of the season against Panathinaikos? It is due very soon (January 12th).

We play in less than a month and we have started thinking about it. I hope everything goes well.

– Let’s talk about something more pleasant. Like that last shot against Spain (in World Championship) from 8 meters away?

I think that anyone who takes the responsibility of such a shot, doesn’t think about it. You just shoot at that second and you realsie the greatness of that shot later.

– You claim that basketball is your life. Have you sacrificed personal moments and wishes in favour of basketball?

Bouncing a basketball is players’ reality when everyone else are on the beaches. Not that we don’t like it. As I said, basketball is our life and we are happy it is so. It would be ungrateful to say we make sacrifices.

– Is the Greek way of life similar to the Serbian one?

Yes, very. From 9am to 9pm there is people everywhere, coffee places are full… like in Serbia. Also Greeks and Serbians got the same character and I like that. Comparing my Serbs friends to my Greek friends I see a lot of similarities. The way they speak, react etc… I have made many friend in here and I’m starting to love Greece. When I’m abroad for some time I miss it.

– What do you think of your character? People say you are a “difficult” character…

Someone might say that I’m not a good guy, someone else might say the opposite. Honestly I don’t care what what somebody else will say, I try to be great with my friends, my teammates, my family and for all the other people I don’t care so much.

– From the titles you’ve won, which do you consider to be the most important?

I think Greek Cup last season was the greatest one. I hope it won’t be the last.

– You’ve said that there no “I” in basketball, but “we”. Is that a sign that Milos Teodosic is maturing?

Definitely, year by year one comes to understand many things, both outside and inside the courts. I can’t win by myself. It is a team effort. Like my teammates made it possible for me to make that shot against Spain.

– Did the wish of Angelopoulos brothers to keep you influence your decision to see out your contract at Olympiacos?

I wanted to stay here as much as Angelopoulos brothers wanted to keep me.  Of course I will stay for one more year here and I would love to stay more but we have time to talk about this. For the moment I’m here in Greece, in Athens and I don’t think about the future.

– The club even brought your partner over, to make your stay more comfortable…

The fact that my girlfriend came to play volleyball in Athens definitely makes things much better.

– Your wish for 2011?

I wish for everyone to be healthy and happy. Those are the greatest assets of life. And of course to watch nice games, without riots.