My heart is in Ljubljana now

Frank RobinsonWe were talking with Union Olimpija's last signing Frank Robinson who signed two months contract yesterday to replace Jasmin Hukic who have problems with his foot.

What are you feelings about Ljubljana? 

I love it here in Ljubljana and I feel very comfortable in the city and with the team.

What are the first impressions about players and coach?

The players and the coach are very helpful, which is something I need during my transition from college to professional basketball. It helps that we have a lot of veterans on this team that will lead us and teach all of our young guys.

When can we expect you on court? Maybe against Tau Ceramica?

Well tomorrow against Tau I will be suited up but I do not know if I have earned playing time yet, that will be coaches decision.

What is your best basketball skill?

My best basketball skill would be my defense and also attacking the basket to score.

Did you know any players of Olimpija before?

I did not know any players from Olimpija before my arrival but I heard great stories about Marko (Milic) and also coach before I came.

What was your feelings like when you were ''deleted'' from Atlanta Hawks squad?

When I got released from Atlanta I was hurt because I was the last one to get released and when you are that close to your dream it takes a lot out of you. I did not have to be sad or soak about it because I knew I had to get ready to come here to Ljubljana.

What are your dreams about? Playing in NBA?

I like many young players I still have dreams and aspirations to play in the NBA but for now my heart is here in Ljubljana and my focus is on winning games for Olimpija…

What are your other hobbies? If you wouldn't play basketball what would you do?

I really love the game of basketball not only as a player but I appreciate the art of the game. I think that I would still be involved in the game. Somehow my life long dream is to be a general manager or an owner of my own basketball franchise some day. I also listen to music, write a little bit and play video games on my free time….