Itoudis: “Injuries are not an excuse”

CSKA Moscow coach, Dimitris Itoudis, was disappointed following the loss to Real Madrid in the semi-final (83-92), but didn’t use the injuries of key players (De Colo, Hines, Westermann) as an excuse.

“Real Madrid deserved to win. We controlled the first quarter, we were decisive. We knew they would come out and react and we gave up 17 points in four minutes in the second quarter.”

The Greek coach said the team’s poor creation and the “Whites” defence were the keys in the second half, “where we didn’t give up so many points, but we played badly overall.”

Coach Itoudis added there was no special plan for Sergio Llull, who made some difficult shots, as they knew what to expect, while he didn’t use an excuse for his squad’s defeat.

“I don’t want to talk about that kind of excuses. Nando De Colo and Kyle Hines were out of the rhythm and played only one game before the Final Four, but it’s not only about them, it’s about the team.”