Laso: “We stayed together, we knew what we had to do”

Real Madrid coach, Pablo Laso, was happy for his team’s victory in the semi-final, adding that they exceeded the expectations, as they were struggling all season with injuries and chemistry issues.

“We missed many free throws, but it didn’t cost us, as we made many things right. The way we played in Game 1 of the playoffs made us react. We stayed together, we knew what we had to do.”

The experienced coach said the return to action of Sergio Llull and Facundo Campazzo was crucial for his squad, which kept working, despite the problems, and will now play in the Championship Game. “I am sure many fans didn’t expect that back in December,” Laso mentioned.

Regarding their opponent in the Final, the “Whites” coach stated that “Fenerbahce is a great team, with many top-class players. They are very aggressive, they press the ball and their rotation is tremendous.”

Coach Laso also said that if his players wanted to run the floor, they had to work on their defence first. “We sticked to our game plan and every player was 100% focused,” he concluded.