Partizan Belgrade have reluctantly decided to withdraw from this season’s EuroCup competition amid tremendous pressure put on the club by the Serbian Basketball Federation to quit.

The pressure put on the Serbian Basketball Federation by FIBA to get its clubs to play in this season’s inaugural FIBA Basketball Champions League though is equally as intense and the Federation have responded by threatening suspensions from domestic leagues.

Partizan are currently banned from signing new players with its sport director Dragan Todoric stating that his club were “under attack”.

Today, team president Nikola Pekovic finally caved in and penned a heartfelt letter to Euroleague Basketball CEO Jordi Bertomeu, explaining the decision that seemingly was made for him by the Federation.

Dear Mr Bertomeu,

I am writing to you for and on behalf of BC Partizan NIS with a desire to thank you for all your sincere efforts in helping us to return our club in ECA’a Europen competitions as well as the moves you made in that direction. As you know, our clubs ambitious are to play with the best European clubs and  our main goal is to return Partizan in Euroleague as soon as possible.

However, recent happenings which are still ongoing in European basketball did not passed Serbia, our basketball federation and our club. After series of meetings in a period behind us, BC Partizan NIS is in a situation where we have no other choice but to withdraw from 7 Days Eurocup. While ago, Basketball Federation of Serbia (KSS) announced and carried into effect the suspension of our club unless we withdraw from Eurocup. Practically, it means that we would be unable to register players which would put us in a no way street where the only option is to obey KSS request which is actually implementing decisions of FIBA.

With hope that you will understand this move is nothing else but a step in only possible direction which will enable further functioning of our club, I am sending you the best regards.


Nikola Pekovic


BC Partizan NIS