In light of the events that occurred during the Darussafaka Dogus Istanbul vs. Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv game held on 17 December 2015 in Istanbul, Euroleague Basketball would like to communicate the following:

  • All Euroleague Basketball organised games are currently played using the FIBA Official Basketball Rules.The aforementioned game was played within the official basketball rules, when towards the end of the fourth period the visiting team attempted to send the game to an extra period in order to win with a minimum 11-point advantage. This winning margin was necessary in order for Maccabi to qualify for the 2015-16 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Top 16 phase.
  • Since its foundation in 2000, Euroleague Basketball has on an annual basis studied, proposed and therefore contributed to improvements in the FIBA Official Basketball Rules. This has been possible thanks to the contribution of the head coaches in their annual meeting, the 2012 Basketball Rules Summit, the work of the Refereeing Commission, league staff and other stakeholders. These proposals have all been taken to the FIBA Technical Commission, with a large majority of these being adopted.
  • Euroleague Basketball will consult with its relevant stakeholders in order to formulate a potential solution to the events that occurred during the Darussafaka vs. Maccabi game. This proposal could include the concept that points scored in any extra period(s) are not included in group standings. This and other proposed improvements will be sent to the FIBA Technical Commission for its consideration and discussion. The next changes in the FIBA Official Basketball Rules are scheduled to be made in time for the 2016-17 club season.

Source: Euroleague