As the Dallas Mavericks concluded their NBA Finals campaign, falling to the Boston Celtics, Luka Doncic faces a crucial decision regarding his availability for the upcoming Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Despite grappling with injuries throughout the Finals series, Doncic demonstrated unwavering leadership and determination on the court.

With the Slovenian national team gearing up for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Doncic’s participation remains uncertain.

Preferring to focus on his recovery and health, Doncic refrained from providing definitive answers regarding his involvement with the national team.

“I don’t want to talk about what’s next, man. I have some decisions to make. I’m just trying to get a little bit healthier. We’ll talk. We have [exit] interviews in two days, right? So I’ll give you an answer,” Doncic said after series-ending Game 5.

Slovenia’s quest for Olympic qualification hinges significantly on Doncic’s potential inclusion, as they prepare to face formidable opponents in the tournament.

Led by hosts Greece, spearheaded by NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, the competition promises intense matchups and fierce competition.

The Olympic Qualifying Tournament is scheduled to commence on July 2, presenting a tight timeline for Doncic to deliberate on his decision.

For Slovenian basketball fans, Doncic’s presence would undoubtedly bolster their team’s chances of securing a coveted spot in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.