Following the Boston Celtics’ triumphant victory over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Jaylen Brown took a moment to commend his teammate Payton Pritchard for his contribution to the team’s success.

Despite playing only one minute in the decisive game, Pritchard left a lasting impression by sinking a stunning halfcourt three-pointer at the close of the second quarter, electrifying both teammates and fans alike.

Brown expressed his admiration for Pritchard’s clutch performance, highlighting the rookie’s ability to seize the moment and make a significant impact when called upon.

“It’s still kind of feels unreal,” Brown said. “It feels like it’s another game or something tomorrow. I can’t tell you enough about our group and our coaching staff. They were great all season long. They prepared us for these moments. We had an excellent game plan in the Finals.

“And then all of the guys contributed. For example, Payton Pritchard. Unreal. Comes in the game, ain’t been in the game, and just drains one from halfcourt. That dude, he’s a f*cking legend. Shoutout to Payton Pritchard.”